During the shipment, temperature and climate changes may lead to container rain and wet the packaging.
Persada Silver distributes a world leading brand desiccant: Superdry.
Superdry is the most effective natural powder to absorb the humidity in your cargo.

Customer satisfaction is crucial for exporter and you may lose proft because of humid shipment.
Superdry has an international reputation to address this issue.

Superdry is a desiccant with natural powder material that has moisture absorption ability above silica gel and other desiccant material.

  • Absorbs 300% of its own weight
  • Active from packing opening to day 90 (T&C apply)
  • Moisture is absorbed into the packaging and turned into a jelly
  • No leak because it uses a one-way absorbent material and double covered
  • Survives temperature -5°C to 90°C (23°F-194°F)
  • REACH, non-toxic, DMF-free Certifed
  • Global network for cargo evaluation on destination
  • User training provided on correct amount and placement
  • Climatic chamber and data logger is available for shipment evaluation
  • Ask for free trial to evaluate your cost and effectiveness

Available Packaging

  • Dry Sac 2gram
  • Dry Sac 2gram sticker
  • Dry Sac 5gram
  • Dry Sac 5gram sticker
  • Dry Sac 10gram
  • Dry Sac 25gram
  • Dry Sac 50gram
  • Dry Sac 100gram
  • Dry Sac 200gram
  • Dry Sac 1000gram
  • Dry Pole 1000gram
  • Dry Sac 1400gram

For more information, please contact us to get details of the product