About Us

Established in 2010, Persada Silver has been continually developing and creating industrial benefcial products and services for clients. We engage in selling corrosion prevention product which includes VCI papers and VCI flms under BRANOrost, BRANOfol, Ferrogard, Multiguard and SilverCorr brands (which collectively we call BRANOguard). We seek to respond to the challenges of corrosion protection for the future: Locating local production of anti rust flm, making the right coolant for production effciency, creating effective non-sticky rust-prevention oil and adding a moisture absorbent line. All attempts are ensuring your products are corrosion-free. By joining our worldwide BRANOguard team, we are becoming your solution in providing on site corrosion issues and technical back up across the world. Our know-how in developments and manufacture temporary corrosion products is supported with frst class laboratory and run by expert staffs, which guarantees satisfaction every single time.


Creating continuous improvement and problem solving on corrosion in manufacturing. Our company presence must be maintained by generations by customers.


To focus on developing exceptional products which beneft clients to solve the corrosion problems.


  • Improvement culture to manage individuals in the company.
  • Managing the business and operation process according to the worldwide standard.
  • Expanding client’s knowledge base with updated information on our business.